The umai difference.

So what really sets Umai Savory Hot Dogs® apart? Other than our huge variety of 8+ types of hot dogs, 6 types of sausages, 4 types of buns, 27+ flavors, 20+ signature sauces, appetizers, beers, drinks, unique company culture, healthy ingredients, and vegetarian options?

Following our founder’s personal values and business philosophy, Umai Savory Hot Dogs® is a great advocate of community building. We love to support our local markets with various community discounts, fund-raisers, charity events, and local school and church support events. That’s why our store locations are so loved by our customers and community. We are here to build a legacy with each new store opening - one that you will become a part of.


We're unique and our fans love us for it.


Superior product and service quality.


We strive for all natural and health-focused products.


Community support and charity programs.


Flexible store formats to fit every neighborhood.