At Umai Savory Hot Dogs®, we believe in local community support. Our founder always made things right and treated every customer like they were family. Those beliefs carry on in our company philosophy and they are engrained in our business principles.

We strive to help support our customers and local community every way we can. Whether it is through discounted cash programs, raising funds for local schools and charities, or simply donating to Toys for Tots, Umai is there. The following are just a few of the many ways we give back to our customers and our community.

For more details on fundraising, charity support or other community opportunities, please send us an email.


We understand the importance of our staff and how hard they work. To celebrate all employees everywhere, all of our stores offer a 10% community discount to all staff members who work near our store locations.

Just introduce yourself and let us know which business you work at to receive the discount. We know you're on your lunch break so we'll make you feel right at home. It's our way of saying thank you for the hard work you put in to build our local community. It's the least we could do!


Our kids are the future and we understand how proud you feel when your children shines at school. That's why at Umai Savory Hot Dogs®, we offer a free kids meal for all children 10 and under whenever they make the Honor Roll or receive an achievement award.

Just bring in a copy of your child's report card, achievement award or Honor Roll certificate and we'll take care of the rest. Let's celebrate your child's education success together by showing them the importance of having an education.


Throughout the course of American history, courageous men and women have taken up arms to secure, defend, and maintain these core principles upon which our Nation's freedoms depend. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Umai Hot Dogs offers all veterans and active duty a 15% discount on all meals at any of our stores. All veterans and active duty meals are completely free on Veteran's Day.


To show appreciation to the men and women who provide their extraordinary services to our community every day, all Umai Savory Hot Dogs® locations offer a 15% discount to all police, sheriff, fire, and paramedics in uniform.

To show further support for our everyday heroes, we also collect donations depending on local availability. Please contact our stores for more details.


Every year, we collect toy and gift donations for the Toys for Tots Program. Please check with our stores for more details as each store event may differ. Hosted Toys for Tots programs will be notified via our website and email.

Local drives will be posted and notified at our local stores so please check or contact your location for more details on how you can join our Toys for Tots programs.


At Umai Savory Hot Dogs®, we donate 100% of all of our recyclables to charity through local homeless shelters and organizations. All cardboard, boxes, paper, bottles, plastic or any recyclable items are recycled and donated to local community funds to support the homeless and less fortunate.

If you wish to join us in doing so, just ask any of our great staff members on how to help.